Setting deploy options for remediation jobs

You can set up options for Deploy Jobs that are automatically created when you automatically or manually remediate Compliance Job results.

Typically, when you create remediation jobs, either automatically or manually, BMC Server Automation automatically creates Deploy Jobs to deploy remediation packages. Those Deploy Jobs use default settings. To modify those settings, you modify the definition of each Deploy Job. If you are running many Deploy Jobs, that task can become laborious.

This procedure provides a mechanism for customizing Deploy Job behavior for all Deploy Jobs that are created automatically when you remediate Compliance Job results.

To set deploy options for remediation jobs

  1. Using the Property Dictionary, create an instance of the DeployOptions built-in property class.
  2. When defining the DeployOptions instance, define values according to your needs for all properties with an entry of DeployOptions in the Value Source column. These values control the settings for a group of automatically generated Deploy Jobs. For more information about these properties, see DeployOptions properties for controlling autoremediation.
  3. When defining a Compliance Job, use the Properties panel to specify a value for the DEPLOY_OPTIONS_INSTANCE_FOR_REMEDIATION property. The value you specify should be the DeployOptions instance you created in the previous step.

When you use a Compliance Job to automatically remediate compliance failures (see Compliance Job - Autoremediation) or you use Compliance Job results to manually remediate non-compliant components (see Manually remediating compliance results), the Deploy Jobs that are automatically created use the settings specified in the DeployOptions instance. If you do not specify an instance for the DEPLOY_OPTIONS_INSTANCE_FOR_REMEDIATION property, Deploy Jobs are created using default values for all properties.

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