Viewing Batch Job results

After running the Batch Job, you can view a history of job results for all runs of the Batch Job and the various jobs contained within it.

To view Batch Job results

  1. In the Jobs folder, navigate to the relevant Batch Job, right-click it, and select Show Results.
    The Batch Job is displayed as the root node in a hierarchical tree. All runs of the Batch Job and their outcomes are displayed beneath the root node. Additional nodes present the job runs for the jobs contained within the Batch Job.
    Further hierarchical organization and display of information depends on Batch Job settings (as defined on the Batch Job Options panel) and on the type of each individual job within the Batch Job. For more information, see Effect of execution settings on display of results.
  2. Select the root job node or any of the job run nodes to display basic information in tabular form on the right.
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