Batch Job - Schedules

The Schedules panel lets you schedule a job to execute immediately, schedule a job at a specific time in the future, schedule a job on a recurring basis, and define notifications that are issued when a job runs.


The batch job is responsible for the scheduling of the child jobs included within it. However, you can also schedule any child job independently of the batch job. To avoid problems, ensure that child jobs are not scheduled to execute independently of the batch job at the same time and on the same targets as scheduled through the batch job.

When scheduling a job, you can perform any of the following tasks:

  • Scheduling a job that executes immediately — To schedule a job that executes immediately, select Execute job now. If your system has been configured to require approval information for this job type, select Execute on Approval and then click Browse to display the Enter Approval Information dialog box.
  • Scheduling a job — The Schedule tab lets you schedule a job so it can run one time, recur daily, weekly, or monthly, or recur at some arbitrary interval.
    While scheduling, you can set the time zone for the job. You can also set an execution priority level for the job.


    For a recurring schedule, BMC Server Automation automatically accounts for differences in time zones and changes in daylight savings time. For example, if you schedule a job that should run weekly at 06:00 Eastern Standard Time, the job always runs at 06:00 Eastern Time, no matter whether standard or daylight savings time is in effect.

    Ensure that all component machines in your BMC Server Automation system have their clocks synchronized. 

  • Defining scheduled job notifications — The Scheduled Job Notifications tab lets you set up notifications that are generated when a scheduled job runs.
  • Providing approval information — The Approval information tab lets you provide required approval information. This tab only appears when your system has been configured to require approval information for this job type. For details about BMC Remedy ITSM approval, see Executing a job with BMC Remedy ITSM approval.

See the following for details on the Schedules panel tabs:

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