Upgrading the Provisioning System

This topic provides instructions for upgrading the components that BMC Server Automation uses in provisioning operating systems to bare metal machines.

This task assumes you have upgraded the provisioning server (the Application Server enabled for provisioning.)

To upgrade the Provisioning System

  1. If you have not already done so, upgrade all BMC Server Automation Consoles. See Upgrading the BMC Server Automation Console
  2. If you have not already done so, upgrade the agent on the data store server. See Upgrading RSCD agents.
  3. If you have not already done so, upgrade the PXE and TFTP Servers. See Upgrading a PXE server on Windows or Upgrading a PXE server on Linux or UNIX.
  4. To install the current release of the agents while provisioning bare metal machines, upgrade your agent installers in the data store.
  5. Start the PXE and TFTP Servers. See Starting and stopping a PXE server and Starting and stopping a TFTP server.
  6. Extract the bmilinux.tar and bmiwin.exe files from the new provisioning-files.zip and replace the current files on the datastore with the new ones.
  7. Using the new provisioning-files.zip, create new Gentoo or WinPE boot images, as discussed in Boot image files and placeholders.


After the upgrade, you cannot continue using any existing Gentoo or WinPE boot images that were created in the previous version of BMC Server Automation. This is only applicable while upgrading major releases or service packs. You can continue using the existing boot images in case of patch-level upgrades.

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