Migrating core BMC Server Automation data

When you migrate from earlier product versions to the current product version, you must use BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager to perform the migration of core data from your Oracle or SQL Server database.

  • For the full instructions on how to use the BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager to simplify and automate the data migration process, see Using BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager.
  • If you are upgrading to 8.2 service pack 2 or later (that is, to product version 8.2.02, 8.2.03, or 8.2.04), run a set of SQL Update scripts to upgrade the BMC Server Automation database to the service pack level compatible with the Application Server. See Running the SQL update scripts.
  • In certain upgrade scenarios you must run a postmigration file to migrate various types of rules that were defined in the earlier version of BMC Server Automation. See Migrating compliance rules and discovery signatures.


You can migrate to BMC Server Automation version 8.2.x only from version 7.6 or later. If you are running a version earlier than 7.6, you must first upgrade to version 7.6. See the BMC Server Automation Installation Guide version 7.6 for information about upgrading earlier versions. 

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