User interface

BMC Server Automation version 8.2 includes the following enhancements to the user interface:

Help and context sensitive Help

Context sensitive Help has been expanded to include information for almost every major wizard, window, or dialog box in BMC Server Automation.

Context sensitive Help has been enhanced to provide tab-based help when editing existing jobs.

To invoke Help for your current context press F1. If you are running the console on a platform other than Microsoft Windows, invoke Help by pressing F1 or Shift F1. If no Help is available for the current context, a default Help page displays.

Mandatory fields

Throughout the BMC Server Automation Console, mandatory fields are now marked with an asterisk. For example, the following graphic shows that the Name and Member of fields are mandatory.

One exception is the Workflow Job wizard. In earlier releases, some panels on this wizard that integrate with BMC Atrium Orchestrator marked mandatory fields with bold text. Those panels continue to use bold text to denote mandatory fields.

Group copy, cut, and paste

You can now copy and paste or cut and paste groups and folders in the Folders view.

Smart group property excludes contents from reports

A new property called IS_USED_IN_REPORTS* is available for smart groups. When set to False, the property excludes the contents of the smart group from the data warehouse used for BMC Decision Support for Server Automation.

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