Ability to specify QNumbers of Windows patches for patch analysis

In versions earlier than BMC Server Automation version 8.2, no provision existed for specifying the QNumbers of Microsoft Windows patches that needed to be included in or excluded from a catalog for patch analysis.

Starting with BMC Server Automation version 8.2, the Analysis Options tab for Microsoft Windows includes a new filter based on the QNumbers of the patches. By using this filter, you can specify the patches to be included in or excluded from the catalog by providing a text file that contains the QNumbers of the patches to be installed.

To use the QNumber based filter, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a .txt file containing a list of the QNumbers for the patches that you require, and save it in some location on your computer.
    Each line in the .txt file must contain one QNumber.
  2. On the Include/Exclude Selection panel in the Analysis Options tab, browse the Qnumber File field to select the location of the QNumbers file, and then select OK.
    The location is added in the Qnumber File field, and the patches that correspond to the QNumbers in the file are selected for analysis in the Include/Exclude panel.
  3. Click OK to confirm your selection.


If the QNumber file that you provide contains incorrect QNumbers, those patches will be excluded from the catalog.

If you change the contents in the QNumbers file, the changed content is not reflected in the Include/Exclude filter. You must browse to select the updated file again.

The following figure shows how you can add QNumber based filters to the Patch catalogs:

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