Installation of multiple agents

While using the BMC Server Automation Console, you can now install agents on multiple agentless devices on various platforms simultaneously.

The following sections describe the new features:

For a detailed description of the capabilities described in this topic, see "Agent installation" in BMC Server Automation User Guide.

Overview of new features

To support this capability, BMC introduces several new features:

New feature


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Agent bundles

Maps target platform types to agent installers. Agent bundles can also optionally specify the contents of agent configuration files.

Remote host authentications

Provide information needed to access each type of device on which agents are to be installed.

Remote host authentication rules

Specify which servers use remote host authentication information.

Agent Installer Jobs

Identify an agent bundle and target devices on which agents should be installed.

Unified Agent Installer

To install agents, you can create all the objects listed above, or you can use the Unified Agent Installer, which is a wizard that guides you through the process of creating all necessary objects and finally running an Agent Installer Job to install agents.

Integration with Add and Import Server wizards

The Add Server and Import Server wizards have been modified to include an option that lets you automatically install an agent on the server when you add the server to the system. To take advantage of this functionality you must have previously defined an Agent Installer Job that is capable of installing agents for the OS of the server that you are adding or importing to the system.

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