BMC Server Automation version 8.2 includes the following enhancements to installation functionality:

Online delivery of installation documentation

All installation information that was previously delivered in the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Installation Guide now appears in this online documentation.

Default location for new installations

The default location for new installations of BMC Server Automation has changed. The default location is now:
(UNIX) /opt/bmc/bladelogic
(Microsoft Windows) C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic

RSCD agent installation on Windows uses an MSI format installer

In version 8.2 of BMC Server Automation, the installation program for the RSCD agent on Windows uses the Windows installer technology. Use of an MSI installer for agent installation lets administrators take advantage of built-in OS functions to deploy, install, and update the agent.

The RSCD agent installation program:

  • Supports silent installation of the RSCD agent without requiring a response file.
  • Installs the agent with a default set of installation options. Administrators can override these options by using switches when running the installation program.
  • Supports upgrades and allows services packs and hotfixes to be shipped as full native installers. This support lets administrators quickly add the installer to the BMC Server Automation Depot and deploy it to target servers.

Installation of RSCD agents on multiple targets

In BMC Server Automation version 8.2, to install RSCD agents on multiple target computers, you can use new functionality developed in this release (the Unified Installer). See Installation of multiple agents.

Version 8.2 is the last version of full agent platform support for the Bulk RSCD Agent Installer. In version 8.3 the Bulk RSCD Agent Installer will be supported only for HP-UX agents. In future versions (beginning with version 8.3), bulk agent installation of the other supported agent platforms will be supported by the Unified Agent Installer.

For version 8.2, the installer you use depends on the version of RSCD agents:

  • Use BMC Server Automation version 8.2 to install multiple version 8.2 RSCD agents. For more information, see Installation of multiple agents. For a list of supported platforms, see the BMC Server Automation User Guide.
  • Use the BMC Server Automation Bulk RSCD Agent Installer to:
    • Deploy earlier versions of RSCD agents to all platforms.
    • Deploy version 8.2 RSCD agents on platforms for which BMC Server Automation does not support Intelligent Installer.
    • Upgrade version 8.2 RSCD agents for versions earlier than BMC Server Automation version 8.2.
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