Version 8.2 includes the following documentation enhancements:

PDF product guides

This space now delivers product guides that were formerly available at the BMC support site. See PDFs for a list of those documents.

BMC Server Automation Console Help

Context sensitive Help is expanded to include most major wizards, windows, and dialogs throughout the product.

When modifying an existing object that displays tabs, such as a job definition, Help is now typically available for each tab.


The BLCLI Help includes a new introductory topic called "OVF provisioning concepts."

Grammar files

Documentation that describes how to create custom grammars is now available. BMC Server Automation uses grammar files to parse configuration files.

Documentation changes

This online documentation now provides information that was previously delivered in the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Installation Guide and the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Administration Guide. Those documents are no longer provided as standalone PDFs.

This online documentation now provides information that was previously delivered as release notes in a PDF format. See Corrected issues in version 8.2.00, Known issues and workarounds, and Troubleshooting to find equivalent information for version 8.2.

The BMC Server Automation User Guide includes a new chapter called "Agent installation," which describes procedures for installing multiple agents simultaneously. Some functionality that was previously described in the "Managing server" is now included in "Agent installation."

The appendix in the BMC Server Automation User Guide that provides a complete list of system authorizations has been moved to this online documentation. It is available here: System authorizations.

A section called "Authorizations for the Configuration menu" has been added to the BMC Server Automation User Guide. It lists the minimum authorizations needed to use each option on the Configuration menu of the BMC Server Automation Console.

This online documentation provides information for configuring multiple Application Servers, each on their own host server. That information is available here: Configuring multiple Application Servers on different hosts.

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