BMC Server Automation version 8.2 includes the following enhancements to components:

Autodiscovery of child parts on Parts panel

The component template Parts panel now automatically finds and adds child parts when those parts are referenced in a Compliance rule, similar to the way that the Discover panel works. You can add a component that is a parent to other components, and the system automatically retrieves the child components. This feature includes support for local configuration objects that have child parts. The feature does not support parts that contain wildcards (* or **).

Boolean operator in Packages section

You can now use a Boolean property notation in a BLPackage definition in the Packages section of a component template.

Testing rules before discovery

From the Compliance tab in a component template, on the Test Rule window in the Compliance Rule Editor, you can now dynamically test a rule against a selected server. You are no longer required to add servers and run the discover process before executing a rule for testing purposes.

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