BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration

BMC Server Automation 8.2 includes the following enhancements to BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration:

Additional platform support

Support has been added for the following products:

  • BMC Server Automation 8.2
  • BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation 8.2
  • BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping 8.3

The following platforms are no longer supported:

  • BMC Atrium CMDB 2.1
  • BMC Remedy AR System 7.1

New server property in Atrium Import Job

The Atrium Import Job now populates the ReconciliationIdentity attribute of the BMC_ComputerSystem class in BMC Atrium CMDB into a new server property called RECONCILIATION_IDENTITY* in BMC Server Automation. You can access this attribute from Server Properties in BMC Server Automation Console.

The RECONCILIATION_IDENTITY* attribute enables you to map to the correct server in your environment, based on the ReconciliationIdentity attribute in BMC Atrium CMDB. A sample RECONCILIATION_IDENTITY* is OI-57DED9F76BAD4AA59B93478338E4A786.

RECONCILIATION_IDENTITY* is the GUID generated by the reconciliation engine in BMC Atrium CMDB. The RECONCILIATION_IDENTITY* server property is not editable from the BMC Server Automation Console.

Additional artifacts in the Publish Product Catalog Job

The Publish Product Catalog Job now publishes the metadata of Patch Catalogs, Compliance Templates, BLPackage Deploy Jobs, and Software Deploy Jobs, in addition to the metadata of Application Component Templates, Virtual Guest Packages, and System Packages.

These artifacts must be located in the following folders to be included in the Publish Product Catalog Job:



Patch Catalogs


Compliance Templates

Component Templates\CSM_Compliance_Templates

BLPackage Deploy Jobs


Software Deploy Jobs


New Linux-based installer for BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration

In BMC Server Automation 8.2, you can also use a Linux-based installer for installing BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration in your environment. You are no longer restricted to using a Windows-based computer for performing an installation of BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration.

The following Linux versions are supported by the installer:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4 (x86, x86_64)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5 (x86, x86_64)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6 (x86, x86_64)
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