Application Server and system infrastructure

BMC Server Automation version 8.2 includes the following enhancements to the Application Server and system infrastructure.

Default NSH Script Job for executing cleanup commands

BMC Server Automation provides a default Network Shell script and Network Shell Script Job that you can use to check and clean various elements of the BMC Server Automation infrastructure using BLCLI cleanup commands. You can use the Network Shell Script Job to perform database and file server cleanup. See Executing cleanup commands with a Network Shell Script Job.

Clean up of database entries for shared data objects

You can now clean up database entries for shared object types that are no longer referenced, which helps reduce database size. You can clean up the following types of shared data, if the types are no longer referenced:
  • Shared files
  • Checksum files
  • ACL entries
  • Internal values generated by BMC Server Automation

Use the Delete:hardDeleteAllSharedObjects command to delete all entries for all shared object types that are no longer referenced. Use the Delete:hardDeleteSharedObjectsByClass command to delete all entries for a specific type of object, for example, orphaned ACL entries.

Removal of PropertySync

In BMC Server Automation version 8.2, the PropertySync feature has been deprecated.

During migration of the database to version 8.2, the Data Migration Manager disables PropertySync, and the migration results table displays the following warning:

Warning: PropertySync has been changed from true to false.

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