SCAP functionality updates for SP1

BMC Server Automation version 8.2 SP1 includes a new SCAP analyzer feature.

The SCAP analyzer uses the results of an SCAP Compliance Job Run to create a report about the results for a selected target server.  The report helps identify the underlying reasons for failed rules in an SCAP Compliance Job.

The analyzer combines information from both the XCCDF and the OVAL result files for the selected target. It produces a  customized XML report that is unique to BMC Server Automation. The report includes:

  • The benchmark rules and the resulting OVAL state for each one.
  • Information about the state of the target system during the SCAP Compliance Job Run.
  • Information and tips to help system administrators identify ways to manually remediate the problems.

For information about running the SCAP analyzer and understanding the report, see the chapter "SCAP Compliance Analysis" in the BMC Server Automation User Guide or the BMC Server Automation Console Help.

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