Deploy functionality updates for SP1

Version 8.2 SP1 includes the following updates related to deploy functionality:

New capabilities for editing BLPackages

For more information about the following capabilities, see "BLPackage editing" in the BMC Server Automation User Guide.

Adding files to a BLPackage

When editing a BLPackage, a new option is available for adding files to the package. Note that in this release — and in previous releases — you can also add files to a package using the Import Assets option.

Adding payload information to a custom configuration object

When editing a BLPackage that includes a custom configuration object that is designed to accept payloads, you can now designate the contents of files that should be added as payloads to the custom configuration object. This capability allows you to add information to agentless managed objects, which are managed as custom configuration objects. You can add the contents of any type of file, including binary files.

Replacing file contents

When editing a BLPackage, you can now replace the contents of an existing file or custom configuration object payload. For the replacement contents, you can select a local file or a file on a server where an agent is installed.

Reorganization of the BLPackage menu

When you edit a BLPackage and right-click a node in the package hierarchy, a menu appears. That menu has been reorganized. It now includes an Add option with three suboptions:

  • Asset Custom Action
  • External Command
  • File

The File option is new. In earlier versions of BMC Server Automation, the other two options appeared at the top level of the menu.

Pushing agent ACLs after importing servers

On the Import Servers wizard, the text of a checkbox has been changed to read Push agent ACLs to successfully imported servers to better reflect the function of that checkbox.

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