BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration updates for SP1

This topic provides information about the prerequisites and the updates included in BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration version 8.2 SP1:

BMC recommends that BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration version 8.2 SP1 is used with the product combination of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation version 8.2 SP1 and BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation version 8.2 SP1.

Before you begin

You can perform a full installation by using the files included in the service pack. There is no requirement to install BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration before you install the service pack. For installation and setup information, see “Upgrading BMC BladeLogic Integration to Atrium” in the BMC BladeLogic Integration for Atrium: Implementation Guide.

When you upgrade BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration from an earlier version, all customizations are deleted, including Discovery Job and SnapShot Job history, data exchanges, data mappings, and reconciliation rules.

Language support for the BMC Bladelogic Atrium Integration installer

The installer for BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration now supports the following languages, in addition to English:

  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese

Changed format of an attribute value of the BMC_ComputerSystem class populated by BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration

For IBM Logical Partitioning (LPAR) and IBM Virtual I/O Server (VIO), the format of the Virtual_Entity_ID property value of the VIRTUALIZATION property set class in BMC Server Automation is changed to be in sync with the TokenId attribute value in BMC Atrium CMDB.

The new format of the TokenId attribute value for LPAR and VIO is LPAR-ID:EntityId. For more information, see the BMC BladeLogic Atrium Integration Implementation Guide.

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