Agent installation updates for SP1

Version 8.2 SP1 includes the following agent updates:

Default treatment of the Administrators group on Windows servers

When you install an RSCD agent, the installation program adds the Administrators group to the local policy called "Manage auditing and security log." This addition facilitates patch deployments to Windows servers. For more information, see Agent installation and default treatment of the Windows Administrators group.

Solaris 11 support

BMC Server Automation now supports RSCD agents on Solaris 11. 

If you are using Agent Installer Jobs to deploy RSCD agents, the following types of objects now support Solaris 11:

  • Agent bundles — When running the Agent Bundle wizard, the Configuration panel now lets you choose options that include Solaris 11.
  • Unified Agent Installer — When running the Unified Agent Installer wizard, the Agent Bundle - Platform Selection panel now lets you choose options that include Solaris 11.

For detailed information about the Agent Bundle or Unified Agent Installer wizards, see the BMC Server Automation User Guide.

Support for Solaris 11 also affects some BLCLI commands. See BLCLI updates for SP1.

Required Properties panel in Unified Agent Installer

In certain circumstances, the Unified Agent Installer displays a new panel called Required Properties. The panel asks you to provide a value for required properties that do not have a default value.

For detailed information about the Required Properties panel, see the BMC Server Automation User Guide.

Installing Solaris packages

If you are adding a Solaris package to the Depot and you want to use the package when installing agents from the console, you must now perform an additional step. When adding the package to the Depot, use the Support Files section of the Add Software panel to edit the _INSTALL_RESPONSEFILE parameter so it points to the location of a valid response file. The response file consists of a single character: y.

For detailed information, see "Adding agent installer packages to the Depot" in the BMC Server Automation User Guide.

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