Changing the installation path on UNIX

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Before version 8.2, installation directories for the application server, agent, and other BMC Server Automation components were in the following format: /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/<version>/NSH. This path format does not allow product upgrades to install into the same directory structure.

Use the following procedure to move/rename the installation directory on the application server on a Linux host computer.


This workaround process might not work in all environments.

To change the installation directory path

  1. Create a backup of the directories whose path you want to modify.
  2. Stop the various BMC Server Automation components (such as application server and RSCD Agent).
  3. Move the directory from /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/<version>/NSH to /opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH.
  4. Change the path in /usr/lib/rsc/HOME.
  5. Change any paths in /usr/lib/rsc/log4crc.txt.
  6. Change the path in the /etc/init.d/blappserv, blpxe, bltftp, rscd and blprocserv scripts.
  7. Change the path in any files in the NSH/br directory (such as *.cfg or blappserv — grep for the old path in this directory).
  8. Change the path in /opt/bmc/bladelogic/install.ini.

By following this process, you have changed any pointers to the old path. If your storage directory is in the NSH directory, then you need to follow the procedure to change your file server. You might also need to update Extended Object locations and other things if they pointed to the application server directory.

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