Creating an LDAP query

To synchronize an RBAC user database with an LDAP-based user registry, you must run queries on the LDAP server. These queries identify the groups and users in the LDAP registry that you want to synchronize with RBAC.

When preparing to synchronize with an LDAP user registry, you need to define two queries: one to identify groups and a second to identify the users in those groups.

For information about modifying LDAP queries, see Modifying LDAP queries.

To create an LDAP query

  1. In the RBAC Manager folder, select LDAP Synchronization > LDAP Queries.
  2. Create a new LDAP query by right-clicking and selecting New > LDAP Query.
    The LDAP Query Creation wizard appears.
  3. Provide information for the LDAP query, as described in the following topics:
  4. Click Finish at any time to close the wizard and save your changes.
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