Configuration objects overview

BMC Server Automation provides tools for managing custom configuration objects, extended objects, and configuration files. In BMC Server Automation, a custom configuration object is a plug-in that extends the capability of the agent. A custom configuration object can present information and perform functions not available from built-in BMC Server Automation server objects.

An extended object is similar to a custom configuration object, but it provides less functionality. In particular, an extended object cannot be deployed like a custom configuration object.

A configuration file is a file that appears under the Configuration object of a server in the Servers folder. You can add your own configuration files to the system.

This topic includes the following sections:

Managing configuration objects at the Application Server

All configuration objects are managed at the Application Server level using the Configuration Object Dictionary. The following sections describe procedures for adding configuration objects to the Configuration Object Dictionary:

Job for managing custom configuration objects

The following topics describe jobs BMC Server Automation provides for distributing custom configuration objects to servers as well as updating and deregistering those objects:

Standard custom configuration objects

A standard installation of an agent on a server includes several types of custom configuration objects. A standard installation of an Application Server includes additional custom configuration objects, which you can optionally deploy to agents. For more information about the standard custom configuration objects, see Custom configuration objects.

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