Configuration Object Dictionary


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The Configuration Object Dictionary provides a central location where you can view, create, and manage configuration objects in BMC Server Automation. The Configuration Object Dictionary shows all built-in server objects as well as all custom configuration objects, extended objects, and configuration files.

When you select a configuration object in the list on the left side of the Configuration Object Dictionary, the right side shows the attributes associated with that object. For some objects, this information is presented in a tabbed display. If the configuration object applies to multiple OSs, the right side provides tabs for applicable OSs. Each tab shows the object's attributes for the applicable OSs.

The Configuration Object Dictionary provides the version number of all server and configuration objects. Multiple versions of custom configuration objects may exist.


Using preferences, you can limit the number of server objects that the Configuration Object Dictionary displays at one time. For more information, see Preference settings - BMC category.

Using the Configuration Object Dictionary, you can perform any of the following procedures:

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