Resetting passwords of administrator users

Use the following procedure to reset the password for an administrator user (such as BLAdmin or RBACAdmin) if the user has forgotten the password, so that you can then set a new password for the user.

  1. To connect to the database, access a SQL prompt using any database management tool. For example, Oracle Enterprise Manager or SQL*Plus (for Oracle) or SQL Server Management Studio (for SQL Server).
  2. Execute the following commands to set the passwords to a blank value.

    SQL> update bluser set password = '' where user = [BLAdmin|RBACAdmin];
    SQL> commit; 

    Note that the commit line is necessary for an Oracle database, but is not necessary for a SQL Server database.

  3. Run the Application Server Configuration wizard and set a new password for the user (for which you executed the update statement) on the User Passwords tab of the wizard. You do not need to edit any other information on this tab. For more information, see Changing configuration settings using the Application Server Configuration wizard.
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