Searching BMC documentation

Clicking the Help icon  (at top right) allows you to search documentation across all BMC SecOps products. The same page also provides links to the primary web pages for the following BMC resources:

  • BMC Documentation—The dashboard for product documentation available at
  • BMC Communities—The spot where BMC users share information at
  • BMC Support—The central location for obtaining information about and assistance for BMC products.
  • BMC Training—The location for obtaining training and educational services for BMC products.

This topic contains the following sections:

Performing a search

  1. In the text box, enter a search term.
    Results are filtered to show only results for BMC SecOps product documentation.  
    If necessary, you can use common search syntax when entering a search term.
  2. To refine search results:
    • Choose an information source by selecting any of the following tabs:

      • All—All sources of information.
      • Knowledge Base—The knowledge repository maintained by BMC Support.
      • Documentation—Product documentation available from
      • Communities—Information from BMC users compiled at
      • Support Central—The central location for obtaining information about and assistance for BMC products.
      • VideosVideos available from BMC channels on YouTube.
    • Narrow the information displayed by taking any of the following actions:
      • Under File Type, select the type of files you want to display.
      • Under Year, select the years from which you want information.
      • Under Month, select the months from which you want information.
    • Optionally, order search results:
      • By date. Click Date to show most recent results first. Clicking Date again reverses the order.
      • By relevance. Clicking Relevance shows most relevant results first. Clicking Relevance again changes the order. Numerous factors are used to measure relevance, such as the number of search terms that appear in a topic title or the presence of a search term in metadata.

Search syntax

The search capability supports some of the same search syntax available in Google searches. The following table lists the most common types of search syntax.

SyntaxReturns all rows:Example
termcontaining term 
term1 term2containing both term1 and term2 
term1 OR term2containing either term1 or term2

000107160 OR 000107018

to search for both article numbers

"term1 term2 term3"containing the exact phrase included within the quotation marks

"message not in catalog"

to find results including that phrase

+termcontaining the term exactly but not other words that include the term


to find results with the word "install" but not "installer" or "installation"

@date >= todaywhere the date is today

@date > today -30d

to find content modified in the last 30 days

To see a full discussion of available search syntax, see Enhancements to Search BMC Support on BMC Communities. A Communities login is required to access that page.

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