This topic describes the process for obtaining an account to use for SecOps Response. It includes the following sections:

Creating an account

  1. Open a login dialog by accessing this URL:
  2. Click Signup.
    A window asks for some identifying information.

  3. Provide the information and click Submit Request.
    A message tells you the request was received. If your request is approved, you should receive an email that provides you with additional information to help you register.
  4. Click Register.
    A web page asks you to register your account.

  5. Provide the registration information, accept the terms of service, and click Create Account.
    A message tells you the account has been created. After a short wait, you are redirected to the login page for SecOps Response.
    An email is also sent to you inviting you to log in to your account.

Where to go from here

After registering, you are ready to log on as a SecOps Response administrator.

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