Onboarding connectors

Connectors are the system components that relay information between SecOps Response, which runs in the cloud, and applications running on your own premises. All connectors are executable programs that can be run as services requiring minimal hardware footprints. As part of the onboarding process, you download and install a connector on your local system and then configure the connector using the onboarding program.

There are two categories of connectors:

Note that a single connector can only be paired with a single instance of BSA or SCCM.

  • Optional connectors—Link to other products that provide additional functionality for SecOps Response. The available optional connectors are:
    • BMC Discovery—Used for detecting blind spots (servers that exist in a computing environment but are not included in vulnerability scans). You can also use data from BMC Discovery to filter information by the type of software installed on a server. 
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO)—Used in conjunction with BMC Server Automation to set up job approval.


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