Logging on as a SecOps Response administrator

SecOps Response administrators can define connections to external products, including the endpoint managers that must be paired with SecOps Response.  A SecOps Response administrator can also set up connections to external products. After setting up connections, a SecOps Response administrator can edit, pause, and delete existing connections.

In addition to SecOps Response administrators, SecOps Response supports another administrative role called the endpoint administrator. That type of administrator performs ongoing administrative functions within the product. Unlike SecOps Response administrators, endpoint administrators log on as regular users of SecOps Response.

Before you begin

Before you can log on to SecOps Response, you must first sign up as a registered user

To log on as a SecOps Response administrator

After you register for SecOps Response, BMC provides you with a URL to access the product.

  1. Using any supported browser, open a login dialog by accessing this URL:
  2. From User Type, select SecOps Response administrator.

  3. Provide the following information:

    Email addressEnter an email address that includes the same domain that was used when your organization registered for SecOps Response. For example, if your company is named MyDomain, you could enter jmitchell@mydomain.com.
    PasswordEnter the password of the SecOps Response administrator.

  4. Click Login. 

Where to go next 

After logging in as a SecOps Response administrator, you can:

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