Getting started

SecOps Response is a web-based application that helps you analyze and remediate vulnerabilities across your computing environment. Although SecOps Response is a cloud-based service, it works in conjunction with endpoint managers, which are on-premise applications that allow you to manage and modify devices and servers. Currently, SecOps Response supports the following endpoint managers:

  • BMC BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA)
  • BMC Network Automation (BNA)
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). 

See the following sections for more information about getting started with SecOps Response.

Introduction to SecOps ResponseProvides a short description of the capabilities of SecOps Response.
User rolesDescribes the types of users for which SecOps Response is designed and the tasks they usually perform.
TerminologyLists and describes terminology that may be new to users of SecOps Response.
Demonstrating the SecOps Response processProvides detailed examples illustrating how to use SecOps Response to manage vulnerabilities in a server or network environment.
Supported target platforms

Lists the platforms that can be managed for each endpoint manager that SecOps Response supports.

Searching BMC documentationDescribes how to search across all BMC SecOps product documentation.

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