Creating a Remediation operation - Remediations

The Remediations page of the Remediation operation wizard lists the endpoints and the remediation content that will be deployed to correct vulnerabilities.

The Remediations page consists of a list of vulnerabilities requiring remediation. Each row represents a separate vulnerability that has been discovered on an endpoint and mapped to remediation content.

To appear on the Remediations page, a vulnerability must appear in the Actionable Vulnerabilities list of the Operator Dashboard. You can use filters on the Operator Dashboard to control the contents of the Actionable Vulnerabilities list.

Using the Remediations page, you can remove remediations from the list of those being deployed by clearing checkmarks on each row.

If necessary, you can sort the list of remediations by clicking on header names. You can also filter the items displayed in the list using the search boxes at the top of each column. Be aware that filtering items so they do not appear in the list does not remove those items from the list of remediations to be corrected. To remove a vulnerability, you must explicitly deselect that row so it does not include a check mark.

This page provides the following information:

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Modifying contents of the list

To remove a target from the list, click on a row representing a server. Clicking the row again, selects the target.

To remove all targets from the list, click the deselect all option, shown below. Clicking the option again, selects all targets.


Sorting data in columns

Sort columns of data on this page by clicking on column headers.

Filtering data in columns

Using the text boxes at the top of each column, enter any number of characters. As you enter characters, the list narrows its results to show only items with data that includes the text string you have entered. Clear all text from the search box to show all items. You can enter data in multiple columns to show only results that match all criteria.

Some columns provide a list of choices that you can select. The columns are filtered to show only the values you select.

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