Properties Map by Environment or Application

This report provides a comparative tabular view of the versions of the specified components of an application deployed in the specified environments. This report also provides historical information about the changes made to the component versions. It lists the properties defined for the components that are deployed in the environments and tells you what changed in the property values and when the change occurred (date and time).

The following sample Properties Map by Environment/Application report shows details for the application APP_P and the environments in which these components are deployed, the property values for each component, and a list of historical changes made to the property values.

Properties Map by Environment/Application report

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To generate a map of properties for each application component

  1. On the Reports menu, click Maps.
  2. Click Properties Map by Environment/Application on the right side of your screen.
  3. From the Applications list, select an application.
    This list provides all the applications accessible by the user.
  4. From the Environments list, select one or more of the environments in which the selected application components are deployed.


    If you selected the Private check box when you added a property, that property value in the specified environment is displayed in an encrypted format.

  5. From the Components list, select one or more components assigned to the selected application.
  6. From the Releases list, select one or more of the release tags associated with the selected application.
  7. Click Compare to generate a table that displays the following information:
    • The property names and values used by the components assigned to the selected application and the environments in which they are deployed for the selected release.
    • A list of historical changes (date and time) in the past month when the property values associated with the environments were changed

You can also select one of the historical items displayed in the environments columns to see the old property details and how property values changed over time. By default, the Current option is selected and the map is set to show the current data. You can see the old details of the properties by selecting one of the date and time items from the list. This list is generated for the past month by default.

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