Component Versions Map by Application

This report provides a comparative tabular view of the various versions of the application components deployed in different environments. This report also provides you information about the component versions that different environments use for a specified application.

The following Component Versions Map by Application report sample shows details for the application APP_P and the environments in which the application components are deployed.

Sample Component Versions Map by Application report

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To generate a map of component versions for a particular application

  1. On the Reports menu, click Maps.
  2. Click Component Versions Map by Application on the right side of your screen.
  3. From the Applications list, select an application.
    This list provides all the applications accessible for a user based on the system settings for the appropriate user and the user group. Specify this information to view a list of components assigned to that application.
  4. From the Environments list, select one or more of the environments in which the components of the selected application are deployed.
    Specify this information for a comparative view of the deployed component versions and the deployment dates in these environments.
  5. Click Compare to generate a table that displays the following information:
    • All components assigned to the selected application.
    • Component versions in the selected environments.
    • Date and time when these components were deployed in the appropriate environment.

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