Understanding nonserver configuration actions

Normally, configuration settings are applied to a target server like MySQL or Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) or WebSphere. However, you might need to have configuration actions performed that are not related to any existing managed channel type. This might involve running a command on a load balancer, opening a port on a firewall system, or creating a registry key on a Windows server. None of these operations deploy actual content, but they might require many configuration changes. This process is performed using action maps. An action map associates an action script with a specific bracketed path. For example, suppose that you have the following action map: 

[MyFireWall][Set] => fw_set_config

When the system processes the configuration data, it passes the configuration name and value pairs with the bracketed path to the fw_set_config script. This process enables you to create arbitrary configuration settings, using any bracketed path that initiates scripts on servers.

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