Populating property values with dynamic variables

Dynamic variables are special properties with values that are populated by the system when it runs processes.

The following variables are populated during runtime from the values of channels, channel templates, packages, users, instances, and platform properties:




Defines the directory level for channel access. Before a server runs any action on a channel, it sets the current directory to the VL_CHANNEL_ROOT value for the channel. The value is taken from the channel property VL_CHANNEL_ROOT. If the channel does not have that property, the default if unset is “/tmp” for Unix and “C:\Windows\Temp” for Windows
Set the property to the highest directory level that you plan to access for the channel.

(Note: This variable works only with the Bridge agent)

User name that the server uses when executing commands on UNIX systems. If this property is not defined, the server runs as default user defined by dispatcher/target connection.

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