Action packs

Actions are modular, task-specific processes supplied in packs that are designed for a specific type of application, server, or service. You can include an action into your deployment process by adding one of the following activities:

Actions fall into one of the following categories:

Type of action

Description or usage

Task action

Performs a task on the pack-specified application, server, or service. Used as part of a deployment or removal process.

Content-fetching action (Reference Get)

Fetches files or other content from the pack-specified application, server, or service. Used in addition to internal methods to retrieve reference content for a package.

Configuration-management action

Maintains configuration settings of the pack-specified application, server or service. Used during configuration processing or synchronization.

All actions are supplied as templates for performing the defined task with the BMC Release Package and Deployment system. They are written to perform in most environments but might require changes to work correctly in your specific environment. In the system console, to view details for each action, such as required arguments and properties, click Define > Actions.


Starting with BMC Release Package and Deployment version, you can make the system change the ID of the deployed instance automatically every time the instance is deployed. You can do so by adding one script line to either the existing action or the newly created action:

echo [VL_SET_PROPERTY][label]name=instance ID

For the Instance ID enter a unique name. Otherwise, the instance ID is not changed and the deployment log says "that name already exists for the current package".

This section describes the contents of each pack provided with the system:

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