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A notification system is available to send emails or Slack notifications when particular events occur. Templates and tokens are available to simplify the creation of detailed notifications. The following event types can trigger a notification: 

  • Signoffs, which occur when a package is about to be deployed into an environment. If the environment has signoff information configured, a signoff notification goes to the configured recipient list.
  • Processing, which can occur anytime. Several of the activity libraries include a notification task. With this task, you can configure the system to send a notification to any recipient list at any time during the running of any process.

You can populate notification templates with tokens that are replaced with event-specific information. 

To create notification templates

  1. On the Define tab, from the left menu, click Notifications, and then click New Template.
  2. In the Label box, enter an appropriate label to identify the notification template set.
  3. In the Subject box, provide a subject line for the template that will be displayed in an email or Slack notification.
  4. In the Language list, select the language for the first template in the template set.
  5. In the Body section, enter the email body text.
  6. Click Create.


    Both the subject and body of notification templates can contain tokens.

To add another language email to a notification set

  1. On the Define tab, from the left menu, click Notifications.
  2. Click Edit for the template set, if you want to receive the email with the previously defined content in a different language.


    Currently, BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD) supports the following languages:

    • eng: Currently used names of the RPD application items
    • eng_VL: Previously used names of the RPD application items
      (for example, blueprint instead of channel template; bridge instead of server)
  3. From the Change Language list at the bottom of the page, select the needed language. 


    If the selected language version already exists, you will see the edit page for that language version.

  4. Select an existing language to initially populate the new language email.
  5. Click Create.
    The system presents the edit page for the new language email, prepopulated with the selected language.

To use a token in a notification template

To use a token in the subject or body of a template, use the following format: ${<TOKEN NAME>}. For example, 'Deployment of ${VL_PACKAGE} ${VL_INSTANCE} suspended' would render the name of the package and the name of the package instance upon sending (provided that both tokens are valid at the time). To see a full list of the existing BMC Release Lifecycle Management tokens, see Tokens.

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