Generating property reports

Use property reports to search the specified configurations and determine where a property or value is set and when it changes. 

To generate a property report

  1. Click the Report tab.
  2. Click the Property tab.
  3. Locate the Package, Repository, Instance, or Channel report line.
  4. Specify a property or value to search for.
  5. If you specify a value rather than a property, check the Include Values box.
  6. Check the All Records box to search all records, or specify a date range to search for records within a certain period.
    With a date range, the report period goes from the beginning of the Range From date to the end of the Range To date. If both dates are the same, the data returned is for the 24-hour period of that specific day.
  7. In the Actions menu for the report that you want, click Render.
    The report is displayed.

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