Understanding channel template action types

Correctly gathering and processing server configuration information requires action types. For a given channel template, the specified action type associates the action that retrieves the raw configuration data and identifies the translation filter that processes the data. This action type also specifies which action pack to use (other than Generic) during deployments. For more information about actions and action packs, see Managing activity libraries and action packs

When a channel whose template is marked as Managed completes a deployment (or a manual sync is requested), the system automatically starts gathering the configuration information for that channel, as follows:

  1. The action type is used to locate the raw data action (always named config_get in the Define tab Actions section for the given type).
  2. That action is executed on the remote server.
  3. The output from that action passes through a translation filter specific to that type of data, and the resulting formatted configuration data is stored with the channel state in the database for later comparison.

As a result, the complete state for a server can be referenced at any time.

For more information and steps for creating a channel template, see Creating and managing channel templates.

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