Creating an environment

This section describes how to create an environment.

To create an environment

  1. Click the Topology tab. 
  2. From the left menu, select Environments.
  3. On the right after the list of existing environments, click New Environment.
  4. Enter a label for the new environment.
    The label should clearly represent the organizational stage or particular part of the stage. For example, if a QA stage has both a Functional Test and a System Test and each testing group uses its own servers on their own schedules, you should create separate environments for each test.
  5. For Protected, select Yes or No.
    If Yes is selected, the Deployment Manager of BMC Release Package and Deployment automatically locks an instance after deploying it into the environment, so that the deployed instance is protected against a clean-up by schedules.
  6. If sign off is required for deployments to this environment, do one of the following depending on the RPD version you are using:
    • (For versions 5.0.03 and later) From the Sign Off menu, select Yes. Select No if you do not want to configure the environment for sign-off. 
    • (For versions 5.0.02 and earlier) From the Sign Off menu, select the appropriate notification template.
  7. (Optional) Select processes for pre- and post-processing states (Pre-Deploy, On Pass, On Fail).
    The environment processes do not directly interact with channels but can perform activities that interact with all channels in the environment. You can use these processes to request synchronization of configuration records of each channel in the environment to ensure that they are valid prior to a deployment.


    Use post-processes to:

    • To notify appropriate people of the state of the deployment
    • To synchronize the channel configuration records so that any configuration changes are not detected as configuration drifts by a configuration check schedule
  8. Click Create.
  9. Perform one of the following tasks: 
    • If you are creating the environment without signoff, use the displayed form to add channels to the environment.
    • If you are creating the environment with signoff, configure appropriately, as described in Configuring sign offs for deployment.

Where to go from here

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