Adding remote storage to the process activity

Adding remote storage to a process activity helps you simplify the process of sending the content to different servers. You can add remote storage only to a process that contains the Send Instance Content or the Send Named Content activity libraries.

To add a remote storage to the process activity

  1. On the Define tab under Processes, navigate to the Content tab, click New Process to create a new content process. Enter the process name, for example, WebSphere 7.0_Process, and click Create.
  2. Under Triggers, click the Add Trigger button to identify the pattern which will perform the deployment activities for all the references corresponding to this pattern. For example, fill out the reference fields as follows, and then click Create
    • Pattern: *.ear
    • Channel Template: WebSphere_7.0_Channel Tamplate
    • Type: Filename
    • Active: Yes
  3. Open the Deployment Activities tab, and click New Activity. For example, fill out the reference fields as follows, and click Create
    • Name: for example, enter Send Instance Content.
    • Library: select Send Instance Content or Send Named Content.
  4. Under the Configure tab, specify the remote directory, relative to VL_CHANNEL_ROOT (specified during Channel creation) that should receive the content. For example:
    • (Windows) If the VL_CHANNEL_ROOT property has the 'C:\tmp' value, then enter '\test\websphere' into the Remote Directory field.
    • (Linux) If  the VL_CHANNEL_ROOT property has the '/tmp' value, then enter '/test/websphere' into the Remote Directory field.
  5. Under the Configure tab, specify the path to the location of the remote storage in the following format:
    • (Windows) C:\remote_storage
    • (Linux) /mnt/remote_storage
  6. Click Save.

For more information about assigning remote storage to a zone, see Managing zones.

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