Understanding the package or repository dashboard

The package or the repository dashboard summarizes the latest information available for each package, repository, and their associated instances. This dashboard is a gateway to the most common actions. The actions available for each package or repository include links to view the latest deployment for the package instance, create a new instance, and deploy an existing instance. 

To access and navigate the package or repository dashboard

  1. Click the Deploy tab.
  2. On the Deploy tab, in the left menu, click Packages to access the package dashboard.
  3. On the Deploy tab, in the left menu, click Repositories to access the repository dashboard.
  4. You can perform one of the following actions on the package or repository dashboard:
    1. Click the package (or repository) name to access details for that package (or repository).
    2. Click New instance icon to create a new instance for that package or repository.

The following table describes the columns displayed for the associated instances of packages or repositories that are displayed on the dashboard. The instances are displayed under the package or repository name with which they are associated:

Dashboard column



Most recently created instance for the package. This name is a link to the detailed information for that instance.


Route that is associated with the latest instance


The environment that was the target of the most recent deployment of the latest instance


Deployment date and time of the instance, if any


Present status of the deployment of the latest instance into the environment

Next Environment

Proposed next environment for the deployment of the latest instance. If there is no other environment listed for the particular instance (in the route), then you see Route Complete.

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