Previewing deployments and routes

You can use this feature to preview your environment and route deployments. Previewing a deployment helps you in identifying details of the deployment. These details help you answer questions such as: 

  • Which process will trigger when deployment begins?
  • Which channels will be used for the deployment?
  • Which activities are involved in the deployment and what is the flow of activities in the process?

The following modes of deployment preview are available with the system:

  • Environment: Previews a deployment action for a specific package or repository instance into a specific environment. From the preview summary, you can continue with deployment.
  • Route: Previews all deployment actions (deployment and removal) throughout an entire route

Each preview identifies the content specification used to process each piece of instance content, the processes that will run, and which channels will receive the content.

Before you begin

Before previewing a deployment to an environment or a route, you must have created an instance of the package for the preview. For more information on creating a package, see Working with packages.

To preview an environment deployment

  1. Click the Deploy tab.
  2. Click Environment under Preview on the left.
  3. Select the package for the deployment preview.
  4. Select the environment for which to preview the deployment.
  5. Select the action: Deploy or Remove.
  6. Click Preview.
  7. (Optional) If the preview is acceptable, you can click Deploy to display the Summary page that shows all the details regarding to instance you want to deploy. Click Deploy to perform the deployment.

To preview a route deployment

  1. Click the Deploy tab.
  2. Click Route under Preview on the left.
  3. Select the package for the route preview.
  4. Select the route to preview.
  5. Click Preview.

Where to go

Deploying an instance

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