Creating and using deploy schedules

Use package schedules to set up automatic instance construction and deployment. When you define a package schedule, you specify how often the system should evaluate the schedule. When a schedule is evaluated, you can configure the associated package to check further for delta information related to the package references. If you configure this check, the schedule will create and deploy a new instance only if changes have occurred in the content that would be deployed. This mechanism provides deployment avoidance when used as part of an agile initiative. 

To create a new deploy schedule

  1. Click the Schedules tab.
  2. Click Add Schedules on the right.
  3. In the Label field, enter a name for the schedule.
  4. In the Cron Spec field, specify the scheduled frequency for the task.
    You can click Use The Wizard  to specify the time and dates for running the schedule.
  5. Select the owner from a list displayed for Owner.
  6. Select one of the following modules to use in the schedule from a list displayed for Module:
    1. Deploy package
    2. Deploy package conditional
    3. Deploy repository
  7. Click Create.
  8. On the Actions menu available at the far right of the schedule, click Configure. Select the package to be scheduled and click the Submit checkmark icon.
  9. In the Configure tab, select the route for deploying the created instances and click the Submit checkmark icon.
  10. Click Run. Using the Run option is not mandatory if the schedule is created with the Active option set to Yes. If the Active option is set to Yes, then the schedule is automatically set to run at the next run time.

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