Managing engines and engine hosts

The engine is a service that runs to handle application analytics and task automation. Engines can be installed on the management console web server or on separate, dedicated engine servers. Given appropriate resources, you can configure the engine service to support as many parallel processes as your deployments require.

The engines perform all the processing actions for deployments and configurations. They also serve as the system scheduler and notification manager. You can control the behavior of the engines using certain system settings. For more information, see Managing system settings

To stop or start all engines on a host

  1. On the System tab, from the left menu, click Engines.
  2. To restart all the engines on a particular host, click Restart All for that host.
    To shut down the engines running on a host, click Shutdown.

To stop or start an individual engine

  1. On the System tab, from the left menu, click Engines.
  2. In the engines list for the correct host, locate the engine that you want to stop.
  3. To shut down an individual engine, click Shutdown in the Actions menu associated with that engine.
    To restart an individual engine, click Restart in the Actions menu associated with that engine.


    The system will automatically start new engines to maintain the configured minimum number of idle engines.

The engine processes table displays the following information:

Engine processes item


Host name

Name of the host computer running the specified engine


ID of the port that the engine process is using

Process ID

ID of the engine process on the operating system


Time at which the engine was created


Time at which the engine will expire and let another engine supersede it.
An engine automatically expires after a certain amount of time, or after it has processed certain tasks. These behaviors are configurable with system engine preferences.


Number of tasks this engine has run


Present state of the engine: processing or idle


Any directive that has been issued to the engine, such as Shutdown

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