Components overview

BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD) consists of the components in the following table. You can cluster consoles and engines to scale the system.




Deployment server (management console)

1 or more

Installed on a single server or cluster of servers.
The deployment server hosts the management console, which defines applications and controls their deployment.

Deployment engine service

1 or more

Installed on a single server or multiple servers; might share the deployment server.
The service launches engines as needed to run system processes.

Dispatcher/Bridge agent

1 or more

Dispatcher: Installed on the deployment server or cluster of servers.The dispatcher responds to the deployment engine requests, determines the communication mechanism for each target computer (such as NSH), and ensures that the deployments actually run on the target.
Bridge: Installed on each managed server to address RPD automation server requests.
For more information, see Dispatchers and bridges



Installed on a server; can share the deployment server (but not recommended); can reside on any system as long as the appropriate PHP modules are configured for communication.
The database stores application instances and system configuration data.

Socket-based API1The socket-based API is installed with the RPD installer.

For installation steps and related information, see Installing.

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