Integrating with BMC Middleware Automation

BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD) provides you the capability of integrating with BMC Middleware Automation (BMA) and later. You can use the RPD interface to perform various functions in BMA, including Install and Preview operations, while carrying out your deployment process.

Integration workflow

The following figure describe the integration of BMA with RPD (applicable to versions 4.3.00 and later).

Integration flowchart


Oracle WebLogic, JavaBeans Open Source Software Application Server (Jboss), Apache Geronimo, and Apache Tomcat can also be target hosts.

Sample use case for workflow

The following use case describes the preceding workflow.


Use case for BMA integration workflow

This use case demonstrates how user deploys application using RPD on a server, preliminary created by BMA.

This process is described in the following steps.

Brief Description

User creates a process in RPD which invokes both BMA action and native RPD action libraries.


  • BMA Server installed.
  • Bma@websphere_server_install and WebSphere_Manage_appInstall actions are available in WebSphere 7 pack library in RPD.

On the Host 1 (RPD Dispatcher Host) install the following:

  • RPD Dispatcher
  • NSH
  • RSCD agent
  • BMA

On the Host 2 (Application Server host) install the following:

  • RSCD Agent
  • WebSphere 7 (or one of the supported application servers)

On the Host 3 install the following:

  • RPD

Basic Flow of Events

  1. Create Server for a WebSphere target host on System > Servers of the RPD console.
  2. Create Package on the Define tab.
  3. Create Process on the Define tab.
  4. Create Deployment activity in Define > Process > Deployment Activities tab, which invokes action library Bma@websphere_server_install.
  5. Create Deployment activity in the same process, in order to invoke action Websphere_Managed_appInstall, that has a dependency on Bma@websphere_server_install action.
  6. Create Deployment activity in the same process, in order to invoke action Websphere_Managed_start, that has a dependency on Bma@websphere_server_install action.
  7. Create Channel Template with the selected Websphere 7 type.
  8. Create Channel with additional properties needed for a Deploy operation, and specify the following token properties:
    • server_name
    • bma_version
  9. Create Environment, Route on the Topology tab.
  10. Deploy package which will trigger the process defined above to target WebSphere 7 Host.

Expected Result

Server is created and WebSphere application is installed on a target WebSphere 7 Host.

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