Uninstalling the system

This topic provides information about uninstalling BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD).

To uninstall the system

  1. Run the uninstall program for RPD.
  2. Delete all tables in the database. Alternatively, delete the database. In this case, when you re-install the product, you must re-create the database.


    The uninstall program removes all databases and tables created by the RPD installation program. Any databases or tables that you created independently are not removed by the uninstall program. You must remove those manually.

  3. Uninstall the dispatcher.
    On a Windows server, run the uninstaller provided (C:\Program Files\RPD\dispatch_uninstall.exe).
    For other operating systems, use the appropriate tools. For example, on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, use the BMC Release Process Management package manager to uninstall the product.
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