A zone is a grouping of servers and engines located in physical proximity within a certain area. Zones enable you to efficiently manage global server distribution with multiple data centers located in different geographical locations. You can set up zones by grouping servers that are running in about the same geographical location. These engines will only perform the deployment that is defined for target machines within a specific zone. The default zone for servers and engines is Undefined.

Zone workflow

The following figure illustrates an example of distribution of the BMC Release Package and Deployment engines and target servers into several zones that use the shared database.


You must be granted administrator privileges to create zones, remove them, or add engine hosts to them. As a user, you can only add servers to the existing zones.

Zones are directly related to Remote storage. For each zone, you can configure a special remote storage that enhances and facilitates the deployment process. The content to be deployed is then copied to the remote storage defined for a specific zone. The process of copying the content only within a specific zone, enhances the management of a content and streamlines the deployment process. For more information about how to define the remote storage for a specific zone, see Managing zones.

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