Remote reference

A remote reference is a link to a file or folder located in a data center on a remote server. The content of such a file or folder is not pulled into your local database during instance creation.

Unlike the usual URI reference that you specify for every application component while creating a package, the content of the folders with the URI references marked as ‘remote’ is not pulled into your local database during instance creation. During deployment, the content is pulled from the source server to the BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD) engine, and then it is sent directly to the target server, without being stored in the database. If the source machine, engine, and target machine are located within the same data center (local network), the remote reference is then copied only within that network. 

Using remote references is recommended when the content comprises large amounts of data, the storage of which may overload the database and affect the speed of deployments.

Note that you can mark as remote reference any reference type, except for the Null reference. You can also use both remote and regular package references within one package.


  • You cannot use remote references during delta deployments, because you cannot check their size and md5 hash sum.
  • You cannot use analyzers with the remote references.

For more information about how to add remote references to a package, see Working with packages.


To optimize the speed of the deployment, BMC recommends that target servers, RPD engine, dispatcher, and source servers are located within the same zone. For more information, see Zones.

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