Deployment Activities access restrictions

The access restrictions under Deployment Activities determine a user's ability to view or manage deployments after logon. When selected, that deployment view or function is accessible to the user. To select or clear all restrictions in this section, click Toggle All. To allow access to only certain views or functions, select those restrictions and clear all restrictions for the views and functions that the user should not access. The restrictions in this section are: 

  • Access Deployment Results
  • Access Packages
  • Manage Deployment Results
  • Lock/Unlock Instances
  • View Deployment Results
  • Inspect Repositories
  • View Deployment Instances
  • Hide/Unhide Instance
  • Delete Deployment Results
  • Access Launchpad
  • Remove Deployments
  • Inspect Routes
  • Cancel Deployments
  • Preview Routes
  • Sign Off Deployments
  • Delete Instances
  • Deploy
  • Restart Deployments
  • View Instance Details
  • Pause Deployments
  • Access Repositories
  • Resume Deployments
  • Inspect Deployments
  • View Deployment Processes
  • Inspect Packages
  • Change Instance Expiration Date
  • Inspect Instances
  • Create Instances
  • Preview Environments
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