Modifying pattern orders

Pattern orders fine-tune the way the system handles content during deployments. For example, if content is to be deployed to the channels of two different templates, the system can control the order of deployment to those channels.

For a given deployment or rollback of content, the system analyzes: 

  • Each piece of content
  • The deployment environment

This analysis identifies the set of processes to run. For any deployment action, if a piece of content triggers more than one process for a particular server (based on the channels in the environment), those processes run serially. You can change the pattern order to modify the sequence in which those processes run. That is, for any content that triggers multiple processes, on a host-by-host basis, the pattern order determines the run order for those processes.

To change the pattern order

  1. On the System tab, in the left menu, click Pattern Order.
  2. Click and hold the Grabicon to move an existing pattern in the list.
  3. Drag and drop the pattern in the needed order.
    The changed order is automatically saved.

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