Overview of the xpconfig configuration utility

To configure the PATROL Agent on UNIX, you can use the xpconfig configuration utility. The xpconfig configuration utility allows you to manipulate both the configuration files used by the PATROL Agent running on UNIX or Windows, and the variables in those files.

You can perform the following tasks with the xpconfig utility:

  • Cancel changes
  • Stop an operation
  • Return to the primary window
  • Select a change file
  • Apply changes
  • Reinitialize (restart) the PATROL Agent
  • Reload the config.default file and the change file
  • Stop the PATROL Agent
  • Start the xpconfig configuration utility
  • Exit the xpconfig configuration utility


If you set the /AgentSetup/pconfigRequiresAuthentication variable to yes, you will not be able to use xpconfig.

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